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Ragdoll - Breed

Last updated 5 years ago

Origin:                        America


Appearance:              Ragdolls have blue eyes and come in 6 different colours: Red, Seal, Chocolate, Flame, Blue, Lilac and Cream. Ragdoll kittens are born completely white and begin to show their colour from 8wks to 3yrs.


Size:                            Ragdolls are a large breed cat.

Weight: Males up to 10kg and Females up to 8kg


Lifespan:                    Up to 15yrs (if healthy)


Maintenance:             The Ragdolls coat is of medium length. It is soft and silky and requires combing on a regular basis.


Temperament:           Ragdolls are docile and placid cats. They are affectionate, intelligent, relaxed and gentle. They are good with other pets as well as new people and kids.


Interesting fact:         Ragdolls got their name because of their tendency to go limp and be relaxed when picked up, like a ragdoll.

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