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How To Stop Constant Cat Licking

Last updated 5 years ago

Both cats and dogs will spend many hours a day licking themselves in all sorts of places, and while this may seem unnatural to us it is completely natural for them as this is how they groom themselves. However, cat licking that is constant can pose a number of problems, one being that it can be annoying for cat owners!

Tongue Twisters

the sloppy, warm feeling of a dogs tongue, a cats tongue on your face will feel as though you are being licked by a piece of sandpaper. While a gentle lick from your sandpaper tongued friend every once in a while is not much to fret over, a cat that can’t manage to leave you, your furniture or themselves alone is a cause for concern.

Reasons Cats Lick

There are a number of reasons why a cat will lick constantly: they may be seeking more attention, are suffering from a skin allergy, are trying to rid their body of fleas and other parasites, or are experiencing sore gums or teeth. It is important to figure out the reason behind their licking before finding a solution.

Combatting Cat Licking

If you suspect your cat is after some attention there is no better time to give it to them. Remember to be strategic with your attention giving so as to avoid your cat from thinking they can get what they want just by licking you. If your furry friend is licking you because they are hungry, wait a few minutes before giving them their food.

If your cat is licking themselves to the point of removing large chunks of fur it is essential to take them to the vet immediately.

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