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Five Kid-Friendly Cat Breeds

Last updated 5 years ago

Bringing a cat into your family can have many benefits, including teaching children responsibility and fostering a love for animals from an early age.

There are many breeds of cats that are suitable for families with children that each offer different benefits to suit your preferences and lifestyle, from coat length to whether you have an apartment or a large home and garden. Another benefit of family-friendly cats is their ‘personality’, meaning that they often enjoy cat boarding in pet resorts, making it easier to go away on family holidays.


Ragdoll cats make very gentle pets, perfect for children of all ages. The name comes from their behaviour of going limp when picked up. Very calm and affectionate, Ragdolls enjoy attention but won’t demand it.


Persian cats are known for being affectionate and playful yet easy-going. While not demanding of attention they do require company to be happy and enjoy curling up on a lap. Persians make an excellent family cat, however their long coat needs regular grooming.


Burmese cats are intelligent, affectionate and active cats, best suited to older kids. Burmese cats can be trained to ‘fetch’ and enjoy games and playing with toys. Their short coat and athletic build also makes them very low maintenance.


Abyssinian cats, a highly affectionate and highly demanding breed, are ideal for families with older kids. Outgoing and playful though even-tempered, Abyssinian cats need attention and entertainment, but are otherwise low maintenance.


Birman cats, with their placid yet affectionate nature, are most suitable for busy families. Birman cats are docile and easy-going, able to cope without attention but happy to receive affection.

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