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Five Frequently Asked Questions About Dogs

Last updated 6 years ago

1 – What should I feed my puppy?

Puppies are weaned off their mother’s milk at eight to 12 weeks. At around 12 weeks they cut their first teeth, which is why providing them with raw, meaty bones is essential so that they can develop their chewing technique. Most brands of dog foods make special blends for puppies at different stages; this is because they require the right balance of nutrients to grow healthily.

2 – What vaccines does my dog need and how often?

Vaccination programs start at six to eight weeks of age, and boosters are given at approximately four to six week intervals until a puppy is 18 to 20 weeks of age.  You need to ensure you vaccinate your puppy against the three fatal diseases – canine distemper, hepatitis and parvovirus (C3).

3 – Should I have my puppy de-sexed and at what age?

De-sexing your puppy can be very advantageous, and all vets will recommend that this procedure be done before they reach sexual maturity.  De-sexing will help prevent mammary tumours, testicular cancer and prostate problems. It will also get rid of unwanted male attention and prevent aggression, and hyper-sexuality.

4 – How big will my puppy get?

The size that your puppy will grow to mainly depends on the breed. In the case of mixed breed dogs, generally they’ll be smaller or not significantly larger than their biggest parent.

5 – What is micro chipping?

Micro chipping your puppy has become a mandatory requirement in Queensland. It is a permanent method of identification which is implanted between your puppy’s shoulder blades. Micro chipping means that if your pet gets lost, with a simple scan your contacts details will be found.

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