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Tips for Choosing a Pet Bird

Last updated 6 years ago

If you’re thinking about buying a pet bird, invest some time into thinking about which type of bird is best for your circumstances. Remember practical considerations, such as feeding and arrangements for when you’re away from home. Many pet resorts can accommodate feathered visitors as well as dogs and cats.

What to think about when buying a pet bird

Avoid buying on impulse and instead, take some time to research what birds might be best for your requirements. The amount of space available will determine how large or small the bird can be, as well as the number of birds you can keep. Some birds prefer to live in pairs, some in groups while some would rather fly solo.

The enclosure should enable free movement and flight, and birds should also have regular stints outside their cage, flying around indoors.

Different types of pet birds

There are numerous different types of birds to choose from. Visit your local rescue centre, breeder or pet store to see what’s on offer. Popular pet birds include canaries, budgies, cockatiels and lovebirds.

When choosing your bird, check that their eyes are bright and glossy. The beak should be trimmed and feathers should be clean. Ruffled feathers can be a sign of illness or stress so look out for a lively bird with smooth feathers.

Pet bird diet

Once you’ve decided on the type of bird, find out what their dietary requirements are. Make sure your bird is getting the correct vitamins, minerals and proteins.

Have some toys in the cage as well; they provide opportunities for exercise as well as intellectual development and are important for your birds overall health.

Pet resorts Brisbane

For more information on pet resorts in the North Brisbane area, contact Samford Pet Resort on (07) 3188 0934.


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