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Samford Pet Resort Can Help You Settle in Both a Kitten and a Puppy

Last updated 6 years ago

Fighting like cats and dogs is definitely a phrase that we have all come across, but is it actually true? While bringing home both a puppy and a kitten might be viewed as a potential disaster to some, it is actually a simple task and won’t result in a feuding household because cats and dogs can actually get along if given the right encouragement from the very beginning.

The introduction

The best way to ensure as harmonious a life as possible is by introducing your puppy and kitten as early as possible. This gives the animal’s time to get used to each other before growing, which will help them to establish a firm companionship.

When it’s time to introduce the pair you can keep the puppy on a lead and hold the kitten. Ensure the introduction is slow and make sure there is an escape route for the kitten so that they feel safe and not trapped.

Reward both animals for good behaviour and work towards taking the puppy off its lead. Bring the animals together over a period of time, such as hours or days, and remember to take things slowly and be patient.


Supervise your kitten and puppy to ensure they get along and don’t continually get on each other’s nerves. Training your puppy properly is vital as the ‘leave’ command can be used to let your puppy know that it’s time to leave your kitten alone.

Feed both animals separately and make sure they don’t eat each other’s food, and the same rule applies to litter trays and sleeping arrangements, but of course if they feel comfortable snuggling in the same bed then by all means allow it.

If you are planning to be away from home and need to make use of a pet resort to look after your four legged friends, get in touch with Samford Pet Resort on 07 3188 0934.


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