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Advice from Samford Pet Resort: Dealing With Common Puppy Behavioural Problems

Last updated 6 years ago

When bringing home a new puppy it is important to be prepared to deal with common problems that every single puppy will display, such as chewing, barking and biting. However, it is your responsibility as their owner to control common behavioural problems so that they don’t develop into disturbing habits that follow them into adulthood.


Expect your four-legged friends to be teething from the minute their teeth start to develop as this helps to strengthen their jaws and teeth. This however does not mean that they deserve special compensation to chew on all of your favourite shoes and furniture. Encourage responsible puppy chewing by having extra puppy bones and chew toys on hand to direct their chewing away from non-chewable items around the house.


As with chewing, biting is something that comes naturally to puppies who are exploring their boundaries, so it is better to redirect it as opposed to trying to abolish it altogether. It is your responsibility to control their level of biting with a tactic that is referred to as bite inhibition. Bite inhibition will teach puppies to control the severity of their biting so they do not inflict any pain, but softly mouth at objects.  

Excessive barking

Dogs communicate by barking so this isn’t an unusual activity, but your puppy should be discouraged from barking excessively. If there is no obvious reason for excessive barking, this could be a sign of separation anxiety in your dog which may require further attention. Otherwise think of your dogs barking as a sign of boredom or restlessness, and combat this by spending more quality time with them on a daily basis, and ensuring that they get plenty of regular exercise so that they are too tired to spend their days and nights barking.

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