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Learn How to Read Your Dog

Last updated 6 years ago

Even though dogs can’t talk, it doesn’t mean they have nothing to say. Our canine pals express their emotions through their body language, and while common signs such as a wagging tale can be easy to understand, there are others that are equally as important. Here are just a few you should be aware of:

Rolling their eyes

A dog that rolls their eyes to one side so that they are showing a large amount of white is showing signs of stress or anxiety. This is either a result of the dog feeling unsafe, nervous or if they are suffering from separation anxiety. Separation anxiety is often misread as excitement when an owner returns from work, but is a much more serious problem.  

Leaning forward on all fours

A definite sign of aggression is when a dog has a tense body and legs and is leaning distinctly forward. Aggressive dogs will take this stance in order to be ready to pounce. It is never recommended to try and pat or comfort dogs when they are exhibiting aggressive behaviour such as this, especially if they are growling. 

Showing their tummy

When a dog rolls over and shows their tummy it is usually a sign of submission or playfulness. A submissive dog can sometimes be mistaken for a timid dog, and one that does not have much self confidence. Those who offer their tummy when playing could merely be gentle natured.

Unexpected nipping

If your previously mild-tempered dog starts nipping unexpectedly, it could be a sign that they are battling with ill-health. It is best to take them to the vet immediately as most dogs will only show these signs after a few days or weeks of suffering.

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