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Everything you Need to Know About Fleas and Worms From the Experts at Samford Pet Resort

Last updated 6 years ago

Ticks are not the only dangerous parasite that can affect your beloved furry friends. Fleas and worms are two other culprits that you need to look out for when caring for your pets; they not only irritate the skin but can also cause damaging internal problems.


Both dogs and cats can suffer from fleas, a parasite that leaches onto the skin of an animal to draw blood - primarily in sensitive areas such as behind the ears, on the tip of their tail and in the groin area. The combination of blood being drawn out of their bodies and their reaction to the saliva of the flea makes cats and dogs incredibly itchy. The intensity of the itching becomes so bad that some pets will scratch and bite at the itchy areas until there is no hair or fur left.

If you notice you dog or cat scratching vigorously at their coat, it could indicate that they are suffering from a flea bite. Flea collars, flea brushes, flea tablets and flea shampoos are just some of the many products available to prevent your precious pets being attacked by fleas.


Roundworm, tapeworm, whipworm and hookworm are the most common types of worms that affect both dogs and cats in Australia. In some cases, worms such as ringworm can be passed on to puppies and kittens from their mother, either through their milk or from their womb. Other worms infect cats and dogs by entering their intestinal tract through another host such as a fleas or rodents, or when cats and dogs eat something that is infested with worms such as soil or worm eggs. Once they lodge themselves in your pet’s intestines, they steal all of their nutrients and damage the digestive tract.

Keep your pets worm free by including worm prevention medications in their diet.

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